2.009 – Product Engineering Process (Part III)

Posted On: March 3, 2015

So I realize this has been a long series of posts, but bear with me, here is the good part (previous still-good parts here). Because I’m limited on time and I want to get this out there, below is the ultimate spoiler, the video of the presentation! Though I was working way too hard on final electronics an code revisions to be a main presenter, I was awake enough to answer questions at the end (2nd video). Check it out, our presenters did an incredible job!

Final Presentation: Pink: Origin from 2.009 @ MIT on Vimeo.

Final Presentation: Pink: Origin Q&A from 2.009 @ MIT on Vimeo.

I couldn’t be more proud of everyone on Pink Team, it was an incredible semester and a ton of fun. GO PINK!

I’ll probably post some more technical stuff soon, but I have to get back to psets.

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