Monthly Archives: June 2014

Happy Halloween!

Phew it’s been a long time since I posted something, so it seems fitting to post a throwback to Freshman year, on my birthday! I greatly enjoy going overboard on Halloween costumes, and being a Deadmau5 fan it seemed fitting to try and make his infamous mau5 helmet.

I made a batch of homemade paper mache paste, and plenty of newspaper from MIT recycling bins. A giant party balloon made the spherical head, and some cardboard forms made the ears. A smaller balloon formed the eyes, and I cut a hole for the mouth and layered toilet paper over it. Unfortunately, the toilet paper made it so I couldn’t see in the dark (read: anywhere at night), so I scrapped the idea before heading out.

The joke was on me, it ended up sleeting/freezing rain that night which started to destroy the paper mache. Oh well, it was a fun build to distract me from classes, and uphold my birthright!