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Tee and Moira 2 (or, the Better Option)

So, last time I had found the moira interactive prompt utility which had a habit of just ultra-dumping my moira-list membership list along with a ton of control characters and excess prompt word schmoo. This is undesirable because any attempt to make a find-and-replace style moira list...Read More »

Tee and Moira

So, as all aging MIT students must, today I set about looking into adding my future email address to the mailing lists I’d like to remain on post-graduation. Obviously, it would be desirable to do so programatically rather than clicking through the Web Moira interface for the...Read More »

Kerberos Tickets

When ssh-ing to athena from less automatically configured clients, you may need to supply Kerberos tickets in order to have access to your locker and other goodies. After struggling for some time, I founds its actually remarkably easy.

Step 1: Kerberos Tickets

  1. Install krb5-clients
  2. set the realm to be ATHENA.MIT.EDU
  3. install krb5-user
  4. running...Read More »

JPL Tools

Vagrant and VirtualBox because easily redistributable, free virtual machines are pretty sweet.

X11 forwarding because sometimes you need to see more on your remote machine than the last sentence of its thoughts (but still want that ssh goodness!)

...Read More »

Let's make things.

Here are a few more links to help others with their projects.

Ultimachine.com ABS
–Because one can never have enough ABS on hand

OSHPark Circuit Boards
–Circuit boards in really small quantities for an awesome price and fast, fast shipping. Prototyping dream come true!

–Some...Read More »

Oh the Shortcuts You'll Use

Mostly for my sake, but hopefully for others’, here’s a list of some quick links to useful linux commands ‘n such.

AFS Permissions

How to Make Many Terminals in One

Monitor and...Read More »