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Posted On: August 22, 2016

So, as all aging MIT students must, today I set about looking into adding my future email address to the mailing lists I’d like to remain on post-graduation. Obviously, it would be desirable to do so programatically rather than clicking through the Web Moira interface for the 700 lists I’m on an manually adding my new email to each. First things first, I know about and have used Blanche to add myself to lists and get info about lists. However, blanche doesn’t allow you to search by kerberos and get a list of memberships. The Googles allowed me to find a list of Athena utilities (including Blanche if you’re curious) that includes the Moira command-line interface!

It’s really a silly little interactive prompt that assumes you know way more about how things work than you probably do, but gets the job done in a somewhat unsatisfactory way. I’ll keep looking for options or a better utility. My work thus far:
1). Get yo’self an Athena dialup session or log in in a cluster *gasp!*
2). Pull up a terminal and enter moira
3). Option 3 for the Lists and Group Menu
4). Option 7 for the List Info Menu
5). Option 1 for the Show all lists to which a given member belongs
6). If you haven’t done anything crazy with how you logged in (you’ll know already if you are) the defaults should give you everything you ever wanted (just hit enter at each remaining prompt, it will autofill USER and your kerb name)
7). The output is a less-formatted spew of all the lists you are on!

This is great but I’m hardly going to copy paste this. It’s annoying that the output is embedded in an interactive prompt. I suppose a funny way to do it could be to run this inside screen, modify the apparent window height, then take advantage of the scrollback buffer and Copy Mode to scroll back to the start of output and copy all the lists to the screen buffer. But that’s gross.

So far, my target is still gross. I found out about tee which allows the interception of the usual stdin/out/err descriptors, with particular utility for logging them to files. Running:
moira | tee moira.txt
logs the output for the entire interactive session! Unfortunately, they used vt100 or similar terminal coding to blank the display, reset to home, and write the next prompt instead of whitespacing out the old stuff (for the record though, that’s 100% how you should do it, its just frustrating for the log files) so the logs are full of ESC[ gobbledeegook. oops. soooooo, automated cleanup, or a more better programmatic way of things? Next time!

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