The MEAN Stack

Posted On: August 1, 2016

Because this info is spread all over the web, and because I keep coming back to it after long hiatuses and having /no clue/ what I’m doing, here’s my own quickstart guide. Very much inspired after but sometimes more or less verbose

Install MongoDB:
sudo apt-get install mongodb may also work, but is at the mercy of repo managers to have the latest versions

Install Node: sudo apt-get install nodejs

Update npm globally: sudo npm install npm -g
Install Express-Generator globally: sudo npm install express-generator -g

setup app dir and install dependencies: express myapp
cd myapp
npm install

Make sure angular is setup in the app: npm install angular –save

at this point running: npm start
gives you your app at localhost:3000
where it should be available on the LAN for you viewing pleasure!

**********npm init*************
If you don’t want to use the automagical Express-Generator, you can use
npm init

entry point could be app.js

git repo!
optional keywords
license: GPL-3.0 is good
review and

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